Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hilton Head - end of 2010

So I think this blog will wrap up the end of 2010! YEAH - now I'm only a month behind :) haha!
OK - so here are some pictures from our trip down to Hilton Head at the end of December...

HDG doesn't totally understand how to play "hide-and-go-seek" yet... he tends to peek out from his hiding place - and occasionally when you're the seeker and you say "where could Harrison be?" he'll say something like "I'm right here" - it's hilarious - but he loves to play - so Brittoni played along! :) so cute!
(HDG was suppose to be hiding here... you see how well that worked)
Bailey and Brittoni got Harrison a talking Woody toy for Christmas - I think he liked it!
Look how sweaty he got just from running around the condo!
This year we were lazy - and ended up doing a couple of puzzles for fun!
We're such nerds - but we're ok with it!
Family pictures on the beach
MK with 2 of her aunts!
Millie and Mommy! :)
We tried to do a couple of silhouette pictures - not bad - but not great - I'm gonna have to read up on exactly how to do this right!

HDG and Woody - just enjoying the beach!
Harrison wearing Woody's hat.... I love it!
HDG and Brittoni playing!
Aunt Addie with her munchkins!
Aunt Brittoni got an ipad for Christmas - however I think Harrison and Corey were actually the ones that played with it ALL week!!
Ok - so funny story... that brown item in the trash can is actually (or should I say WAS actually) a biscuit! The condo had one of those stupid microwaves that has the auto touch cooking feature (I really dislike this feature by the way) - it's where you press a one - and instead of that being the beginning of your cook time it automatically starts cooking for 1 minute.... well I guess Mimi got distracted and instead of reheating her biscuit for 20 seconds or so - this biscuit cooked for 2 minutes!!! It was literally smoking - and I'm pretty sure it was seconds away from bursting into flames!!! haha!
So one morning while we were sitting around watching TV - we caught an episode of Paula Deen making this delicious ice cream dish... so Brittoni and I decided we'd make it. The only problem was that it required us to beat heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk until stiff peaks formed... and we didn't have a mixer... so we had to beat it by hand... lets just say that this was NOT easy - and I'm really glad it turned out so AWESOME!
Tex-Mex Sundays
MK - chillin'
2 seconds later... MK sleepin'
Mimi stealing all Millie's kisses
So somewhere in the middle of the week Harrison got sick - and I'm pretty sure this is one of the last pictures I took that week... oops! He looks pretty sad here - but he was a champ!
On to 2011!!!!

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