Monday, August 16, 2010

4th of July - Part 2 - Sprinkler Fun and Fireworks

Here are a couple more from our weekend....

Trip to Kreme Delight with Mama Dean and Daddy Jack!

Here are some cute ones of HDG playing in the sprinklers....

hehehe - i love these! :)

I love this one too... it looks like he's saying "LOOK AT MY BELLY!!"
Man I love that cute little belly!! :)
Flying on Brittoni's feet - he loved it!!
then Aunt Addie was showing him how to do a hand stand!! haha!

After church on Sunday we always do nice family pictures... here are a few -

Normally on the 4th we head over to the local high school for a fire works show... however the stinky mayor decided that since the 4th fell on a Sunday this year - that he didn't want them to do the firework show on Sunday night... I'm not really sure why - but that's what he decided... ANYWAY - we had to drive about 30 minutes away to see another firework show - and it was so packed - that we didn't' really get to see too much - but we had fun hanging out....

it was a little past HDG's bedtime - but he was a champ!! :)
The whole crew! :)

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