Monday, August 16, 2010

4th of July - Part 1 - Kiddie Carnival and Golf

Every 4th of July we head to Alabama - for some family time - and some Kiddie Carnival fun! :) This post is pretty self explanatory.... but here are some pictures of Harrison at the Carnival...

The whole time we were there the train was having some engine trouble - the first night it started out working - then stopped - so they had it in the shed for repairs... Harrison wanted to ride it SO bad - that he just stood there and watched them repair it for a while rather than going to ride the other stuff.... poor kid....

waiting patiently :)

We did eventually get him to go do some other stuff.... like ride the cars... but he went back to waiting on the train not too long after this shot!!
PS - I think this might be the last year that he can ride the cars... he's getting kinda big!! :) haha!at some point in the night Bailey and Brittoni showed up!! YEAH! Aren't they cute?!?! :)

By the end of the night Harrison was pooped.... he looked like he was just in a daze all the way to the car!! :)

The next morning the boys went to play golf - Brittoni and I just tagged along for the ride in the golf carts... and to take pictures of course :)

Colby helping HDG putt...
Dad helping HDG putt...
What HDG really enjoyed doing - playing in the cart and eating/drinking whatever he could find!! haha!
We also went to the Kiddie Carnival that night - but I obviously wasn't really in a picture taking mood that night - because I only took a couple - and this was the only cute one!
Harrison riding the train - and blowing his train whistle!!

Here are more pictures from the Kiddie Carnival the NEXT night....

HDG didn't really want to ride the carousel - but he said he would if Aunt Addie would ride with him... haha! I don't know why - but this kid does not like carousels?!?! WEIRD - right?!?!

I loved this shot of Addie!!!

Daddy Jack was working at the snack shack - and Harrison had to go in and visit him!!
HDG LOVES Daddy Jack!! :)

Then we moved onto a new ride that Harrison didn't do last year. I'm not sure what it's called - but it's the ride where it spins in circles - then the seat your sitting in spins too.... you know what I'm talking about... anyway - HDG loved this - and rode it a TON!! I love his smile here - this is pure joy!! :)

Family shot - but HDG is trying to get down so he can go ride the "spinny" ride again!!

and he's off again!!

the he moved to the planes for a while....

the Garner boys!!
Since we have "connections" and know really important people - aka Daddy Jack... once everyone else goes home Daddy Jack will turn on the big swings so the big kids can ride!! I usually love to ride - but being prego I sat it out to take pictures this year...

HDG and G before the ride begins!

Corey would kill me if he knew I put this up... but I thought it was too funny!! haha!
Love you dear! :)

Here's the whole crew after they rode the "big swings"... they look a little wind blown - but cute!

HDG catching a ride on dad's shoulders back to the car! :)

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