Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life - Nights of lights!

Like most other 2 year olds Harrison loves Christmas lights... and so does his friend Owen! SO.... we decided to take the boys to the nights of lights at Life college. The boys loved the lights and at one point they saw a choo choo train... and Owen started saying "Choo choo all aboard AHHHHH" and Harrison thought it was hilarious... so it continued.... haha! Here are a couple pictures from the night - the video of Owen - and a couple of pictures of Harrison with his Krispy Kreme doughnut on the way home.
Harrison laughing at Owen...
Owen trying to figure out what the heck Harrison is doing??

Not the best picture... but wanted to show yall how much I love my Pilot - because you can get 2 car seats on the 3rd row!! :) love it!
Harrison "cheesing" with his doughnut! Yum!
Look how much I've eaten dad!
Licking his fingers... making sure he got it all!! Dad is SO proud!

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