Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4th of July

SO.... I kinda disappeared for a while... oops!  :)  But I'm back - and I have a LOT to catch up on!  Lets start with the 4th of July weekend.  As usual we went to Alabama to celebrate with Corey's grandparents and Aunt/Uncle/cousins... and of course the big event of the weekend was the kiddie carnival!  Enjoy!
 Wanna guess which kids was the first kid on the train for the year?  That's right - HDG!
 Too cute!
 Here are some pictures from Millie's very first kiddie carnival ride... she was only 9 months old - so I'm not gonna lie - I was a little nervous!
 But she had a great time - and right after that ride dad put her on the airplanes... she loved it!
 We were there for opening day this year!
 Please check out these pictures... Harrison is looking at the little girl in the car below him... she was screaming her head off - and Harrison was like - what's her problem?!?! haha!
 More train time!

 Take a look at the picture in the bottom right - if you've never noticed it before Millie has a patch of very blonde hair... it's very odd - but kinda cool!
Drivin' Miss Millie!
 Check out the top pictures of Harrison - he's making crazy faces because I yelled at him because he took one of his shoes off... haha!
 Who's the little kid touching my Millie?  Seriously kid... don't do that!
And what are Brittoni and Bailey up to - you guys are funny!
 It was late in the night - and most of the kids had still gone home - but Harrison wanted to ride the "roller coster" again!  I really like the finger wag too - he was telling Corey not to eat his cotton candy!

Hey Corey - you're not Corey Hart... so you don't get to wear your sun glasses at night! :)
 Since the big kids couldn't ride on the kiddie rides - they decided to play their own games... this was called Addie and Brittoni attack Bailey!  It was pretty entertaining! :)
 Oh Brittoni and Bailey - you two are crazy! :)
 siblings... awww!
 I love jumping pictures!

 Group picture time!
 Can't have the 4th without watermelon!
Love these two! :)

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