Wednesday, November 18, 2009

H-A-double L-O-W- double E-N spells HALLOWEEN!!

First of all can we talk about the fact that - to this day - I can't spell Halloween without singing that song "H - A - double L - O - W - double E - N spells Halloween! If you went to Britt Elementary I know you just sang that as you read it - don't lie!! :) It's probably partly because I can't spell - but seriously - it's catchy! :)
ANYWAY... the week before Halloween was kinda crazy. Harrison spiked a pretty nice fever - but continued to act completely normal (which thankfully ruled out the flu). However - due to the fever he wasn't allowed to go to school - so Corey and I took turns staying home with him. Luckily nothing really ever came of the fever and after about 4 days it finally broke. All that to say that by the time Halloween rolled around on Saturday - Corey and I were exhausted! We took Harrison to Mimi and G's neighborhood - where they had their annual costume parade - and pizza party at the club house. After pizza it was raining- so we only went to a couple of houses before we took Harrison back to Mimi and G's for a nice warm bath! I'm pretty sure Corey and I went to bed right after Harrison that night!! haha - I know... we're lame!!
I know you're shocked - Harrison was Thomas
getting ready for the parade
Come on Mom and Dad - they're getting away!
Pizza break!
First house!
Headed back to the house with Mimi and Dad!
Caught in the act! As Harrison says he was eating his "trick-or-treat"
Family picture before bath time!

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