Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day at the "farm"...

Every year we go to a family friend's "farm" - it's not actually a farm farm - it's a tree farm - but we call it "the farm" so just go with it. They have tons of land - hayrides - tons of food - a bonfire - and this year they had live music! It's always really fun - and this year Harrison had a blast too because there was a big sand box for the kids - BOO!! Harrison thought it was the best thing ever... he kept trying to sneak his way back over there... and finally we just gave up and let him play in it! I'm pretty sure he came home with about 10 lbs of sand! Anyway - here are some pictures!
Having a blast playing in the sand...
Harrison and Bailey playing with the little tractor!
It's a little blurry but can't you see the joy in both of their eyes! :) haha!

Brittoni always snaps the cutest pictures!!
(these are actually all her pictures that I stole - thanks Brittoni :) haha)
Harrison and I on the hayride!

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