Thursday, May 14, 2009

St. Simons trip

Here are some pictures from our trip down to St. Simons for Kristi and Johnathan's wedding:

First night down there - Harrison and Owen having a pizza party

After dinner we took the kids down to the beach - we figured they'd just play in the sand... but NO - Harrison and Bianca took off for the water fully clothed might I add!! Luckily I was in shorts and a tee shirt - so I could just go after Harrison - Aaron wasn't so lucky....

This is angry mama.... I was done... Harrison wasn't!

Next day - dressed appropriately for the water... Harrison took off again!!
This kid is a water baby!!!
How cute is his water suit?!?! :) Thanks Mimi and G!

Playing with the truck in the sand!

All the kids (plus Brooke) playing in the sand!

Harrison and Owen at the wedding - aren't they cute!!

Harrison jammin' out to the band!

Harrison and Bianca - looking out over the water.... how sweet!
Of course knowing these two they were just plotting how they could jump the fence and get into the water! :)
Family photo!

Another family photo - this time Harrison is OUT!! :)

Ready to head home!!

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i LOVE your "family photo". miss you guys!