Sunday, April 12, 2009

Imagine It!

Last week was Nana's spring break - so after hanging out at Aunt Laura's house (and the Rome park) for a couple days Nana and I took Harrison to Imagine It - The Children's Museum downtown! Harrison was still a little young for most of the activities.... however he LOVED the water - the grocery carts - and of course the trains!!! Here are some pictures from last weeks activities!!!!!!!
These are from the park in Rome
Can you believe my 20 month old climbed this wall ALL BY HIMSELF! Nana and Harrison
These are all from the Children's Museum....
Harrison loved playing in the water... and isn't he just so darn cute in that little rain jacket?!?! :)
Here we are playing with the trains......

And I think this might be my new favorite picture... HOW STINKING CUTE IS HE?!?!
And of course if there's a slide... we MUST slide on it....
AGAIN - and AGAIN - and AGAIN!!!

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