Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's the little stuff...

So... Harrison and I have been giving each other a cold back and forth for about 2 weeks now!! I think I'm getting over it - and then he gives it right back to me - I think he's getting over it and i give it right back to him... it's a vicious cycle!! :) Anyway - due to being sick we haven't really been able to get out and do too much - but we have had some good times at home!

I think you might have to be a parent to get excited about some of this stuff... but I really am excited about Harrison starting to communicate with us. We're not having a communication break through or anything but it's a start! His favorite word of course is "NO" and heaven forbid we tell him "no" - he breaks down in tears!! He'll ask us for water - and he'll say "open" when he wants one of his toys opened. He also knows all the grandparent's, aunt's, and uncle's names (and calls for them sparatically which is pretty funny) and he of course knows Bel - and calls out for her all the time!! I love that when we ask him if he's ready for a bath he runs to the stairs... and when we ask him if he wants milk before bed - He runs and stands at the fridge while yelling "Milky"! (That's right those are Christmas pjs - don't judge - HAHA) It's really cute! He also knows of course who Thomas is - and when we ask him if he wants to watch Thomas (while mommy cooks dinner) he shakes his head yes runs to his couch on the floor in the living room!! :)
His motor skills are also improving.... I know you can't really tell from this picture - but this is from dinner last night... we were having meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans - and Harrison is using his fork - ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Please don't get me wrong - by the end he had half given up on the fork so he was still a mess - but it's a start!! YEAH!!

OH - and I wanted to show you guys something.... when I tell you that when Harrison plays it looks like a tornado has hit our house - and I don't even try to clean up until he goes to bed - I'm not exaggerating....

I told you - WHAT A MESS!! :)

Just for fun - here are a couple cute pictures of Harrison playing in the cabinets and talking on the cell phone while playing on the tricycle!
This is what happens when we hit our head while playing under the cabinets - please ignore the snot - eww - gross! :)

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Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

I know can you believe a GIRL???!!!! I know Linda was so excited. Harrison now has a little girlfriend! Ha ha ha! Love you guys and can't wait to see yall.