Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The REAL Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving started on Wednesday (Nov 26 - MAN - I'M WAY BEHIND!) Anyway - we got out to my parent's house on Wednesday afternoon - and that night Laura and David had an indoor soccer game... so we went and watched - the only problem was the game didn't start until 9pm AKA - Harrison's bedtime... so he was a little out of control!!

This is Corey trying to control Harrison in a loving way....

He loved it - I swear!

That had absolutely nothing to do with Thankgiving - but I thought I'd share it anyway! :)

Moving on.... Thursday morning we woke up early (thanks Harrison) and had breakfast - Mom makes home made biscuits - and Harrison of course always gets his own! hehe! Easy champ... I swear no one is going to take your biscuit!! :)

So I feel bad - I had done soo well at the last 2 Thanksgivings about taking pictures... that by the time I got to the real Thanksgiving I totally forgot.... oops... seriously - here are the only 2 pictures I have from that day... Picture #1... The little girls were playing Barbie - and Harrison found the Barbie car - so David decided to push him around on it!! HAHA!
Picture #2 - some old fireworks that they were trying to get rid of - were shot off in the driveway after dinner... and we took Harrison outside to watch - Harrison got bored - and this is the picture we got... doesn't Harrison look sad - and why isn't Corey looking at the camera?!? I feel horrible!!
Anyway - here are a couple other shots from the weekend - when Harrison got bored and cleared out their cabinets... and us during the Iron Bowl... Roll Tide!! :)

Finally all the Thanksgivings are over... ON TO CHRISTMAS!!! :) YEAH!

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