Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Alabama

This past weekend we went to Alabama to celebrate Christmas with Corey's mom's side of the family. It was kinda rainy most of the time we were there - but that didn't stop us from having a great time!! Harrison got his first round of Christmas presents - his favorite toy was a bulldozer... while my favorite gift for him was an Alabama football uniform - complete with football pads and helmet!! ADORABLE!!
He is picking up on SO much right now!! Just this weekend alone he learned about 5 new words - including... shoes, Bay-bay (for uncle Bailey), pizza, what a bird says, and my personal favorite - when we ask him to say Nana (which is my mom) he says Papa (my dad) sorry mom - at least he knows that Nana goes with Papa!! :)

Here is most of the crew... please notice Corey's "sexy" model pose... is anyone else scared??

Harrison with Mimi and Kayla - I don't think that child is EVER able to just sit still!!

I love this little family picture - even though Harrison has a cell phone in his mouth! :)

playing with his bulldozer..

still playing!

Here he is in his AL football uniform with G - isn't it SO cute!!!

He looks like a real football player!

Uncle Bailey wearing Harrison's helmet!! HAHA!

This is a little golfer that stands by the back door at Corey's grandparent's house - Harrison is the same size as him - and he couldn't quiet figure him out!! haha!

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