Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow - I feel like Easter was forever ago... and now looking back - I feel like I didn't take very many good pictures - oops!  Oh well - here's what I've got :)
 Easter baskets!
 Harrison was very excited about "Koko"
 and his chocolate bunny!
Millie and her Easter basket!
 HDG trying to get in the picture - and I don't think Millie appreciated it!
after church HDG was ready to start eating his candy! :)
 WOO HOO - he loves Peeps!
 Mimi and G came out to Nana and Papa's house - so we all got to celebrate Eater together!
 Corey with his parents!
 HDG ready to hunt some eggs!
 Corey and I did the hiding... we made it pretty easy! haha!
 the "hunters"
 HDG and Jack (second cousins) trying to decide if they'd found them all yet?!?!
 opening all the eggs to see what he got!
I'm pretty sure that Harrison was tying to convince Jack to give him his candy! hahaha!
Before we went home we tried to take a family shot.... as you can see - it didn't go so well... but here are our best efforts...

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