Tuesday, November 9, 2010

October 11, 2010

I went in for an induction at 6:00am on October 11, 2010. They started my pitocin first thing that morning - and from there it was kind of a waiting game....
Here's me waiting....
and Corey and I waiting...
All day long she refused to drop down... so we seriously just waited and waited - and waited... it was a really boring day! :) HAHA! Finally somewhere around 3:30pm - I said I felt some pressure - and sure enough when she checked me I was ready to push! We waited until the doctor got there - about 4:00pm - and then 3 pushes later at 4:10pm she was here!!!
Millicent Katherine Garner
8lbs 12oz - 21.5 inches long
First bath - doesn't she look happy?!? haha!
Here's Harrison getting to meet her for the first time
and giving her the doll he brought her - how sweet!
and his first kiss for her....
and another...
First family photo of the 4 of us...
so crazy to think we're a family of 4 now!!!
The delivery room was a mad house - well not during the actual delivery - Corey was the only one in there for that... but as soon as they said people could come in we had somewhere around 10 or 11 family members in there - plus nurses... CRAZY - but fun! :)
the proud grandmas
the proud grandpas
the proud aunt - uncle - and future aunt
Here she is up close!!
Cute huh?!?
Dad and his snuggle bug
This is Harrison's visit the second day...
still super excited to see his baby sister!
Trying to get a picture of the 2 of them is almost impossible... oh well!
I thought this one looked like they were checking each other out - pretty funny!
Dad... waiting for the nurse to get all the paper work done so we can go home!!!
Millie and I right before we head home :)
Ok... time to go!!

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