Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Pharr Bazaar

Peach Tree Owl did it's second craft fair a couple weeks ago at the Pharr Bazaar. Pharr is actually the elementary school that all the Garner kids went to - so it was fun to be there - but it was the first year the Pharr did this... so the business wasn't great. Anyway - I won't bore you with Peach Tree Owl stuff - but they also had some stuff for kids going on while we were there. Harrison came by with Corey - Mimi - and G for a while and got to decorate some sugar cookies! He had a great time - and so did Uncle Bailey & Brittoni!
Harrison decorating...
He looks very serious!
I didn't get a picture of Bailey smashing cookie in Brittoni's face - but I was able to catch Brittoni smashing cookie in Bailey's face!! Aren't they cute???

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